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Federal Medical Center (FMC) Carswell is a prison located in Fort Worth TX. The facility comprises of minimum, medium and maximum security units for a mostly female population of prisoners. This site is dedicated to the effort to close the maximum security unit, better known as the Administrative Unit, and expose the conditions inside.

The Administrative Unit is where Carswell’s most extreme abuses occur. With the capacity for 20, the Admin Unit is a maximum security facility that formally operated as the female federal death row. Only one death row prisoner remains; the other prisoners now comprised of prisoners with severe mental health conditions and prisoers whose crimes are viewed by the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) as politically motivated.

Carswell staff and the BOP have shown no interest or willingness to assist prisoners with their mental health concerns, despite being a medical facility. Prisoners who are seen as politically motivated are closely monitored and their communication with the outside would is severely restricted. The Carswell Administrative Unit has been compared to Communication Management Units, which are currently being challenged on constitutional grounds by the Center for Constitutional Rights.

The psychological corrosiveness of a sterile environment, the lack of adequate access to exercise and mental simulation, the psychological trauma suffered by all of the prisoners, and the seeming impossibility of attaining freedom from this unit constitutes a cruel, but unfortunately, not an unusual punishment. The unit exacerbates and worsens the behavior it says it works to correct. It should be closed and the prisoners moved from it immediately.


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